Whistleblowing Programme

  1. Policy Statement

    ELK-DESA Group is committed to achieving and maintaining high standards of corporate ethics and professional responsibility.

    We wish to reiterate that we would expect our vendors, business dealers, partners and employees of the Group to conduct themselves in a professional manner on all matters which shall be carried out in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in accordance with the highest standards of ethical business conduct.

  2. Whistleblowing

    We continuously seek ways to create a transparent and fair business environment for our vendors, business dealers, partners and employees. In line with our IPO listing on Bursa Malaysia, we recognize the need to reinforce our corporate commitment towards good governance. As such, we are pleased to embark on our very own Whistleblowing Programme, a confidential process for employees and other parties to reveal wrongdoing or improper conduct.

    The programme offers each vendor, business dealer, partner and employee the opportunity to raise issues of concern about the Group in a totally confidential way, with guaranteed protection from any reprisal for honest reporting through the Whistleblowing Channels.

  3. Confidentiality

    This programme is governed by the Group’s Whistleblowing Policy and overseen by the Audit Committee.

    The Whistleblowing Programme allows the whistleblower to voice such concerns with complete confidentiality, knowing that the people who can address these issues are appropriately informed.

  4. Procedures

    This new initiative does not replace the open environment that has always been in practice in the Group. As a first course of action, we would encourage the whistleblower to take the matter of concern to our Management. It is only when the whistleblower feel unable to do so that the matter should be brought to the attention of the Audit Committee through the following channels:-

    ■   Online Reporting http://www.we-care.my
    ■   Phone Hotline 1-700-81-5333
    ■   Email Reporting elk-desa@we-care.my
    ■   Written Letter P. O. Box 10891
    50728 Kuala Lumpur